Electroneum ETN Price Prediction for 2022

At the beginning of March, the price went into an uptrend again and was rising till March 26 when it reach the record heights of $0.038 for the year period. Electroneum’s value was corrected after and the coin price started to decline following the bearish tendencies of the crypto market. Electroneum token has been on an uptrend since the beginning of 2021. It started the year trading for $0.0045, but the prices started to grow straight away doubling in a week and reaching $0.008 on January 8. After that token experienced a market correction and its price was pulled off to $0.005. Following WalletInvestor’s Electroneum latest price prediction, ETN is an awesome long-term investment, especially for 2023.

We strive to present all the information & pricing as accurately as possible, but we cannot ensure that the data is always up to date. Weighing up the pros and cons of any cryptocurrency is a very important part of investment strategy. As you have seen, the predictions are divided over the future of Electroneum. It is important to consider these predictions while making decisions, but it is also important to look at the fundamentals of the coin. Uslifed.com also provided Electroneum prediction a few years back. It predicted Electroneum prices to be around $0.812 at the beginning of 2018 and $1.10 by December 2018.

What wallet holds Electroneum?

The Electroneum wallet is a digital currency wallet designed to store the Electroneum cryptocurrency. There are two types of ETN wallets: the Electroneum app wallet and the Electroneum paper wallet.

For example, Binance is based in Tokyo, Japan, while Bittrex is located in Liechtenstein. While some are more straightforward and beginner-friendly than others, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties with either of the top-rated exchanges. That said, many users believe that KuCoin is one of the simpler exchanges on the current market.

Electroneum to USD Chart

However, it will do so on a small scale since the price will probably stay below $1. To increase the trading volume, Electroneum needs to be featured on more exchanges and included in more fiat pairings. It’s important for a crypto project to have a competent team with defined goals. Luckily for ETN investors, the project has a detailed roadmap.

This list only includes the top market cap coins with a 24H volume of at least $50,000. Receive a free world-class investing education from MarketBeat. Learn about financial terms, types of investments, trading strategies and more. Electroneum produces its own wallet software that is available for ayondo review download on its website, which allows you to store Electroneum on your computer. Generally, the idea behind Electroneum appeals to the public. With over 1.6 mln registered clients, they experienced quicker project popularity development than both Facebook and Twitter over a similar timeframe.

Even joining Blockchain for Europe in late 2020 didn’t result in a price surge. There was a price spike at the beginning of January 2021, when the value reached $0.008. This was probably driven by Electroneum’s US AnyTask TV ad campaign. Libertex MetaTrader 5 trading platform The latest version of MetaTrader.

Shoot me an email on and I will make sure your voice is heard. Legitimate project is a stretch when it comes to Electroneum. You have to ignore your emotions and apply rational thinking when looking at it. This is one of the only cryptos with a fantastic idea structure behind it.

Electroneum Investment History

Even though the main objective of Electroneum is not very different from what other projects offer in the crypto market, it is notably distinct on its own. Because it has mainly focused on bringing cryptos an easily accessible option, smartphones. Another solution launched in the Electroneum network, which has attracted many users today, is ETNDonate.com. This solution makes it easy for charitable organizations to promote themselves for free. Today, Electroneum’s ecosystem has allowed cryptocurrency traders to mine ETN from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones, giving them more financial flexibility. Let’s dive straight into the coin’s background before we go into the Electroneum price prediction.

However, some analysts believe that it’ll surge, and the value will exceed $1. Many of them highlight that the crypto will take much longer to surpass the $1 threshold. As for 2025, DigitalCoinPrice once again posted an Electroneum price prediction that features a continuation of the 2024 trend, with equally drastic ups and downs. Based on the historic data allocated by the platform, the coin may reach $0.0177, which is still an increase of over 144% compared to February 2022.

Is ETN a good crypto?

Users can obtain ETN tokens by purchasing them from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi Global or BiONE. Will ETN Surpass its Current ATH? ETN is a good investment in 2022. However, ETN has a high possibility of surpassing its current ATH at about $0.23 this year.

Electroneum was designed as light as possible to make it easier to mine this crypto coin with smartphones. After mining, the coin can be easily sent to another ETN wallet owner or an app or game. In 2028, it is expected that the price of Electroneum will be at least $0.041. With an average trading price of $0.042 during 2028, the Electroneum price may reach a high of $0.049.

Hence, ETN price recorded a growth of 122% because it increased from $0.06 in November 2017 back up to $0.22 in January 2018. Like most other digital forex book review currencies, its price has declined since January 2018. Later in January 2021, the Electroneum price was reduced again, remaining at $0.005.

Electroneum Historical Price Performance

There are 10,229,924,760 ETN coins in circulation, representing 49% of all the coins there will ever be. When Electroneum was launched, it was initially built using the Monero codebase, which focused on the gaming and gambling industry. However, things changed, and the digital coin turned its sight to creating a platform that solely allows instant cross-border payments. Electroneum uses the CryptoNote algorithm based on Bitcoin’s code. What makes this algorithm special is that it allows complete transaction confidentiality.

electroneum price prediction

The cryptocurrency has displayed a solid bearish movement in the past few days. Still finally, the figures and observations from the charts show us some hope for the cryptocurrency to bounce back and raise its value. This is by far the most promising projection for the coin — up to $0.75 by 2030. Unfortunately, we don’t have month-by-month figures because it’s challenging to make long-term predictions for crypto or any other financial market. There is a correlation between price appreciation and public interest in cryptocurrencies, such as Electroneum.

This source expects a positive change (around +28%) for the last two months of 2021. The average price for November and December 2021 might be $0.0024. There is a permanent middleman in the system, which also defeats an important purpose of cryptocurrencies. But the bigger issue of the middleman is that it limits operations in terms of scale and speed. The first freelance platform that provides access to the global digital economy without the need for a bank account. This is an alternative to Fiverr and similar services, reaching the unbanked populations in more than 190 languages.

Who Are the Founders of Electroneum?

The ETN/USD price appears to be crossing over the curve of the Moving Average, signifying a bullish trend. Furthermore, the ETN/USD price path is moving upwards, attempting to cross the moving average a second time, indicating bullish and potential reversal opportunities. Ever since Electroneum migrated to its blockchain, miners were chosen by the project to ensure reliable networks. However, these miners are expected to spend the block rewards responsibly in helping those less fortunate in harmony with Electroneum’s humanitarian agenda. In addition to the Electroneum app, these are the two ways to mine an ETN coin. The goal of Electroneum is to reach out to the millions who do not have access to a banking system but own a smartphone, like PayPal, but with cryptocurrencies.

Electroneum is a UK-based cryptocurrency consisting of around 50 employees. As a result, all the given values could change day by day from exchange to exchange. If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn a good return on your investment, please do proper research to discover what experts expect from each cryptocurrency.

The affiliate programme is not permitted in Spain for the commercialisation of investment services and client acquisitions by unauthorised third parties. Deemed authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The nature and extent of consumer protections may differ from those for firms based in the UK.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Using GHS Mining

With help from Cryptwerk, the cryptocurrency was introduced to online shops. Later, it was listed on India’s fast-growing crypto exchange, CoinDCX, and then began working on further blockchain development. With cryptocurrencies, it’s not only the number of interested investors that matters. Currently, Electroneum reached only half of its maximum, with 17.91 trillion in circulation. The demand is likely to increase as soon as the supply approaches the limit.

The investor community of Electroneum saw a breakthrough evolution which was back up to $0.22 from $0.06. The crypto has performed rather on the average scale than compared to other cryptocurrencies. The historical price trend chart is taken from coinmarketcap. Moving averages are among the most popular Electroneum price prediction tools.

electroneum price prediction

In terms of price, Electroneum has an outstanding potential to reach new heights. According to specific experts and business analysts, Electroneum can hit the highest price of $0.14 till 2030. According to the latest data gathered, the current price of Electroneum is $0.004 and ETN is currently ranked # in the entire crypto ecosystem. The circulation supply of Electroneum is 17,924,543,882 with a marketcap of $63,601,297.

Electroneum’s price for February 2031 according to our analysis should range between $0.13 to $0.15 and the average price of ETN should be around $0.14. Electroneum’s price for January 2031 according to our analysis should range between $0.13 to $0.15 and the average price of ETN should be around $0.14. Electroneum’s price for 2033 according to our analysis should range between $0.2 to $0.3 and the average price of ETN should be around $0.25.

We may receive payment from our affiliates for featured placement of their products or services. We may also receive payment if you click on certain links posted on our site. Some charts will use hollow and filled candlestick bodies broke millennial review instead of colors to represent the same thing. Electroneum’s 14-day RSI is at 61.69, indicating that ETN is currently neutral. As of the 6th of January 2021, cryptocurrency instruments are not available to retail clients in the UK.

He also owns Retortal, a social media marketing platform for direct-selling businesses and SiteWizard digital agency. Electroneum is one of the cryptocurrencies with a practical application. The team is actively working with citizens of developing countries, as well as in the gambling and telecommunications industries. ETN/USDT daily logarithmic chart in 2019.From there, the coin grew to $0.0075 by 23 February.

We aspire to operate on a global scale and offer our predictions in 8 languages and 33 currencies between which you can easily swap at any time. We will analyse possible scenarios for the future price of ETN coin, whether it will go up or down. In the beginning, we will examine the features of the project and review different Electroneum price predictions for 2020 and until 2023. In layman’s terms, a cryptocurrency exchange is a place where you meet and exchange cryptocurrencies with another person. The exchange platform (i.e. Binance) acts as a middleman – it connects you with that other person . When considering cryptocurrency exchange rankings, though, both of these types of businesses are usually just thrown under the umbrella term – exchange.

According to the Electroneum Price Prediction model above, ETN’s price in 2032 would be $0.19. According to the Electroneum Price Prediction model above, ETN’s price in 2031 would be $0.14. According to the Electroneum Price Prediction model above, ETN’s price in 2030 would be $0.11. According to the Electroneum Price Prediction model above, ETN’s price in 2029 would be $0.083. According to the Electroneum Price Prediction model above, ETN’s price in 2028 would be $0.063. According to the Electroneum Price Prediction model above, ETN’s price in 2027 would be $0.047.

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